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Smart Communication at the Workplace

How SAP Jam Optimises Processes

SAP Jam für Ihr Unternehmen
Organisationen und Prozesse durch SAP Jam optimieren


Working together anytime, anywhere – whether from a glass high-rise in the city or a steel hall in an industrial area: For several years, digital applications and services have made it possible to work together from anywhere. This facilitates collaboration within a company and makes it easier. What’s more, these new possibilities save time and encourage teamwork - anywhere, anytime. Are you already using these new software solutions?

One of these applications and services is SAP Jam. From now on you too can share your ideas on topics and projects with your team. SAP Jam combines collaboration tools and social media features in a cloud-based collaboration application. And SAP Jam has other useful features: all sorts of functions for followers, feeds, uploading and commenting on documents, and groups & communities. SAP Jam also offers blogs with polls, uploading of pictures and videos and even recording via webcam or screen recording, among other things.

Optimise your Internal Organisations and Processes

With SAP Jam, the developers from Walldorf combine the SAP StreamWork collaboration platform and Jam, an application from SuccessFactors. SAP has taken over and integrated Jam after acquiring the software provider SuccessFactors. Today, SAP Jam is an integrated module of the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP systems, e.g. SAP Business One or SAP Business All-in-One). In short, SAP Jam offers collaboration capabilities for all associated business divisions – HR, marketing or CRM and sales.

Is that it? No, it is not. Application integration similar to the capabilities of the SAP Enterprise Portal should be available soon. This would make the SAP collaboration application even more flexible to adapt – individually adjusted to your requirements, any time. SAP employees are already talking about numerous successfully implemented “Intranet replacement projects” and an adoption rate of 70% to 80%. Our customers can confirm these numbers. Let us advise you. Improve organisations and processes across locations.

We would be glad to assist you in the development and implementation of customised software solutions, especially SAP Jam. Please give us a call or send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!


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