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Reports of Customers at the DSAG Technology Days 2015

The theme of year’s DSAG Technology Days was “In the Prism of Technology”. The goal of the event was to “refract” the many aspects, angles and perspectives of a technology like a prism. It is essential to take the users’ current situation – including their needs and demands – as a starting point.

In detail, the “Prism of Technology” stands for three main topics that concern SAP users today:

  • Rethinking: UI transformation
  • Rechanneling: Cloud & security
  • Realizing: Departmental requirements vs. system requirements

BTEXX attended with lectures on the topic of “Modernizing SAP Applications”. Clients such as Infineon, Vaillant Group and DekaBank reported on the challenges they face, such as modernizing SAP GUIs or relaunching existing portal solutions.

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